icon-quote-left It takes a village to raise a child.  icon-quote-right

Based out of our new Nakameguro location, close to Sugekari Park, Honey Tree Tots Cooperative Preschool is a parent-run, parent-taught, and parent-staffed preschool for children ages 2 to 5. Our goal is to develop confidence and independence in our chidren and in ourselves as parents as we teach and learn alongside them. One of our greatest untapped resources in the big city of Tokyo is ourselves as parents! Our cooperative preschool seeks to create a supportive community for parents and for children, where children can be children in the security of a trusted adult.For children in the preschool years, and arguably beyond, learning does not need to take place in a conventional classroom, and it happens in all of the many activities that we do with them as parents. Our preschool will be a place where parents can come together to share there talents with the children. It is inspiring and important for children to see their parents take initiative and action, and we would love to have you be a part of our team!

  icon-edit  Curriculum

We will be using the Montessori home school curriculum from the North American Montessori Center, and supplementing with a fun classical music curriculum, crafts activities, and lots of outdoor play. Once a week, we will also have a food and nutrition activity as part of our preschool program, where children will learn about the food they eat from a certified nutritionist (and fellow mom!) and help to make lunch! Our focus is on practical life skills, socialization, and learning through play.

  icon-edit  スクール内容

North American Montessori Center のホームスクール向けのモンテソーリカリキュラムをベースに、音楽は楽しいクラシックのカリキュラム、工作、と外遊びを重視した内容となっています。また、週一回の食育プログラムを通して、栄養士の指導のもと、子供たちは楽しく食のことを学び、簡単なお料理をします。実用的なスキルや社会性をみにつけながら、興味のあることを興味のあるときに学ぶ、子供たちの意志と自由を尊重したプログラムを提案しています。

  icon-comments  Language of Instruction

The main language of instruction will be English,and parents on duty are asked to speak to the children in English or Japanese, whichever the parent is more comfortable with.

  icon-comments  言語


  icon-female  Age Group

Children from the ages of 2 to 5 will be able to be dropped off. Children under the age of 2 are welcome on a space available basis, but we ask that a parent participate in the program with them at all times.

  icon-female  対象年齢



  icon-question-circle  Obligations

Each parent with a child participating in the preschool program will be asked to work at our school, teaching and caring for the other children. The commitment is generally 2 days for every 5 days your child is in the program (parent works at the school with their child 2 days, drops off their child the remaining 3 days). Parents will take turns leading story time, and teaching the children a craft, music, or any other skill they may have (dance and yoga are some possibilities). There will be 1 parent for every 2 to 3 children.

  icon-question-circle   当プリスクールの仕組み

プリスクール に参加される保護者で2歳未満のお子様がいる場合、スタッフとして参加していただく日には下のお子様を他の保護者がお世話することとします。

  icon-clock-o  A Day in the Life of Honey Tree Tots Preschool

9am to 10:30am Drop off and work period チェックイン後、子供たちの自由な学びの時間
10:30 am Morning Circle Time 全員参加の英語の時間
11:00 am Outdoor Play 外遊び
12:00 pm Lunch ランチ
12:30 pm Crafts 工作
12:50 pm Story Time and Afternoon Circle Time 絵本の読み聞かせ、お別れの挨拶
1 pm to 2pm Pick Up and Free Play チェックアウト、あそびの時間
プリスクール|Preschool プリスクール|Preschool
Parents on duty are asked to work from 10am to 2pm. Extended care will be provided two days per week from 2pm to 5pm (schedule to be posted monthly) by licensed daycare workers (hoikushi) at an additional cost of 800 yen per hour.

  icon-cutlery  Lunch

Parents are asked to pack a lunch for their child. Once per week, we will have a nutrition and food education activity taught by a licensed nutritionist as part of our preschool program, where the children will make a simple dish to supplement their lunch.

  icon-cutlery  お弁当


icon-plane Field Trips

Once per month, we will plan an optional excursion (to the zoo, museum, park, etc.) open to all of our preschool members. Parents are asked to participate and supervise their own child for these excursions. Additional costs may apply.

icon-plane 遠足



  icon-money  Fees / 料金

One-Time Membership Fee
  icon-jpy  10,800
5 days / month
  icon-jpy  16,200
month / 月
work 2 days / month
2 days / week
  icon-jpy  25,920
month / 月
work 3 to 4 days / month
3 days / week
  icon-jpy  36,720
month / 月
work 5 to 6 days / month
5 days / week
  icon-jpy  56,160
month / 月
work 8 to 10 days / month
Additional days of drop-off care may be reserved on a space available basis at 5,000 yen per day (care provided from 9am to 2pm).Children enrolled in the preschool program will receive a 20% discount to any of our after school cooking and crafts classes.
プリスクールメンバーは1日5000円で一時預かりを予約可能(お預かりは9時から14時まで)。 定員になり次第、閉め切らせていただきますので、ご了承ください。プリスクールメンバーは2割引でアフタースクールのクッキングとクラフトのクラスに参加いただけます。